NDP Secretariat Is On 'The Move' In Partnership With The BCCEC

The Bahamas Chamber Of Commerce
Shana Edgecombe

The National Development Plan Secretariat, in partnership with the BCCEC, will conduct 15 different island visits to reach constituents on the various islands of The Bahamas to discuss the proposed National Development Plan.  The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation (BCCEC) is pleased to be part of this ongoing work that provides The Bahamas with a National Development Plan (NDP) and the Family Island consultations, who serve as a reminder that all sectors and islands of the country will be affected by the NDP and therefore, should be afforded the opportunity to provide input.   

Public engagement activities include focus group meetings with Local Government, Community Leaders and members of the business community.  Additionally, there will also be wider public consultations in the form of Community and/or Town Hall meetings.  As the National Development Plan encompasses every area of the country, including, but not limited to, energy reform, economic reform and practices, human capital, tourism and infrastructural developments, education, and crime prevention, the BCCEC also has 16 Divisions that were identified as  important areas of focus.  Chair of the Energy and Environment Committee, Ms. Debby Deal, says “
So, to survive in and revive The Bahamas to what we knew it to be, we must, each and every one of us make a conscious effort to think before we act and educate wherever and however we can.” The BCCEC seeks to help in the effort of actions leading to education and moving the country forward by teaming with the NDP Secretariat. 

“In order to create sustainable growth for the entire archipelago of The Bahamas, now and into the future, it is imperative that we recognize the importance of each individual and how they can impact the development of the country. The NDP puts forward a dynamic, and comprehensive plan that will require much support. I would encourage everyone to participate, ask questions, attend meetings, research online and call into the BCCEC for access to more information, as we advocate for a better tomorrow for everyone.” This from Krystynia Lee d’Arville, Director of PR & Fundraising for the BCCEC.      

Family Island visits, which began in Andros on July 20th of this year, will continue through mid-September, with the initiative ending in Acklins.  Chairman of the Family Island Division, Mr. Roderick Simms, said, “This partnership diagnoses the challenges and needs of the Family Islands and how those challenges and needs provide input into the National Development Plan.  It is a diagnostic assessment of where we are as a country and as individual islands.  This provides a snapshot of how things are currently and where each island would like to see itself twenty-five years from now.  Once the government has this diagnostic, it can better assess how to go about addressing the needs of each island and include them in the future plans of the country.”

Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce President, Mr. Thomas Sands, “In a world that has evolved tremendously in the last century, the creation of a relevant cohesive and proactive master development plan for the islands of Eleuthera and indeed for The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is long overdue. The Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce, extends its sincere gratitude to The Bahamian Government and The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, for the inclusion of the islands of Eleuthera, in the process of developing a comprehensive and publicly-discussed, long-term development strategy in the form of a National Development Plan - Vision 2040.”

The BCCEC will continue to provide access, advice and advocacy for its members and the wider business community as we work with the NDP Secretariat to secure a long-term plan that ensures the viability of the country’s economy.