What is a National Development Plan? 
A National Development Plan is a strategic plan that sets out a long-term shared vision of a nation. The Plan helps a country move from where it is today to where it wants to be in the future.  A National Development Plan includes strategic goals, an action plan, targets and specific timeframes.

What is the National Development Plan of The Bahamas? 
The National Development Plan, Vision2040, will be the roadmap for a more vibrant Bahamas. It will identify short, medium and long term goals for The Bahamas. The Plan will be guided by extensive research, analysis and widespread public consultation aimed to address four main policy pillars: The Economy, Governance, Social Policy and the Environment (Natural and Built).   

Why does The Bahamas need a National Development Plan?
The Bahamas has had strong economic performance over the last few decades and is one of the wealthiest independent countries in the Western Hemisphere. In general, our citizens enjoy a high quality of life and live in a stable democracy. Notwithstanding this success, trends in the tourism and financial services sectors, unemployment, poverty, increasing skill gaps and crime rates have threatened the overall social and economic development in The Bahamas. These combined factors led to the Government’s recognition that a National Development Plan was necessary to achieve a more resilient and vibrant Bahamas. The National Development Plan will provide a coordinated approach for inclusive national development. 

How will the National Development Plan address national issues and concerns?
Through the process of developing the Plan, important national needs and priorities are identified, a prescriptive framework for decision making is established, and public and private investment priorities are highlighted. Broad public engagement will support the achievement of a long-term strategic framework that articulates a shared vision for the country.   

How will existing plans and research be featured in the National Development Plan?
Vision2040 will build on the work that came before it. The process to develop the plan involves extensive review and analysis of: national data, local island data, sector and industry reports, research papers, policy documents, previous strategic plans, public consultation, history, cultural trends and local behavioural tendencies. By virtue of the national scope of this exercise, consideration is given to as many ideas and contributions as possible so the ultimate plan represents a common Bahamian vision. Members of the public are encouraged to share materials and ideas they believe are relevant to the process. Please connect with us by email at info@vision2040bahamas.org, on social media, or by phone at (242) 327-5826 or (242) 702-5500.   

How will the National Development Plan help The Bahamas?
The National Development Plan will: 
  • Examine vital areas including social development, the economy, the environment and governance
  • Establish national strategic priorities
  • Identify key prospects for development and growth
  • Identify any major strains associated with the country’s prospects for development and growth 
  • Develop strategies for achieving established goals for national development   
How are Bahamians involved in the Plan? 
To ensure the Plan has a national voice and is national in scope, two areas are critical to the effectiveness of Vision2040: 

  1. Broad consultative engagement:This includes public awareness; public access to information, public engagement and national surveys.   Vision2040 ensures there are means for all residents of The Bahamas as well as Bahamians living abroad to contribute to the Plan, including sharing their views and concerns on any aspect of the project. 
  2. Ongoing monitoring, evaluation and learning: Essential for the assessment of the plan, this component examines the progress and allows for changes when necessary. It ensures continued relevance and effectiveness to national priorities over the life of the plan.  
Is the National Development Plan part of a political agenda? 
The National Plan does not have a political agenda. Widespread consultation with Bahamian citizens and residents from all walks of life will ensure that the National Development Plan is not just politics as usual. Monitoring and evaluation by impartial local and international experts is also integral to Vision2040. Contributions and insight of all political entities are welcomed to ensure the plan is reflective of all Bahamians. The National Development Plan Secretariat has reached out and continues to reach out to all major political parties, strictly for contributions and insight.

Is this Plan mostly for Nassau and less about the Family Islands? 
The consultative phase includes visits to all major Family Islands, where community meetings and workshops are open to all. Meetings will also be held outside of The Bahamas to reach the Bahamian diaspora in the United States, the UK and Canada. The Plan will provide policies and priorities for The Bahamas as a whole, not just New Providence.

Who is responsible for drafting the National Development Plan?  
A National Development Plan Secretariat, comprised of public and private sector professionals, has been established within the Office of The Prime Minister to develop the Plan. The College of The Bahamas and The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation are also important partners in the process.   Sector specialists including local and international experts have been engaged by the Secretariat. All of these stakeholders will ensure that the voices of Bahamians are reflected in the National Development Plan.

What is the process of developing the National Development Plan? 
The process of developing the Plan is ongoing and includes three distinct phases: Diagnosis, A National Conversation, and Plan Development. Read more about these phases here.

How can I get involved in National Development Plan activities?
If you have ideas, you may contact the National Development Plan Secretariat via email at info@vision2040bahamas.org, or by phone at (242) 327-5826 or (242) 702-5500 and you can share your vision for The Bahamas on our website here. You can engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.   

What is the budget for developing the Plan and where does the money come from?
The National Development Plan is being funded primarily by a $450,000 grant provided by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).  The Government of The Bahamas has also allocated funding for the redeployment of public service staff to form the Vision2040 planning Secretariat, expenditures for family island travel and costs for hosting events.
Will the Plan be Implemented? 
Yes.  Once the Plan fully reflects the views of stakeholders and the Bahamian people, the National Development Plan will form the basis of coordinated public and private sector action for the future development of The Bahamas.  There are three core components that are essential to implementation of the National Development Plan: 

  1. Economic Development and Planning Unit: This unit, established within the Office of the Prime Minister, will retain primary responsibility for the implementation of the Plan. The unit will be the coordinating hub for strategic planning across all Government ministries. 
  2. Transformative Governance Initiative: This initiative establishes a results-based approach to governance and promotes approaches such as programme-based budgeting, strategic planning and other such reforms.  The Bahamas Government is also undertaking an initiative aimed at strengthening the centre of government. 
  3. The planned University of The Bahamas, Government and Public Policy Institute: The planned institute will serve important monitoring and evaluative functions to ensure comprehensive and consistent monitoring of implementation progress, needs and challenges related to the National Development Plan.