The Plan

The process of developing the Plan is ongoing and includes three distinct phases: Diagnosis, A National Conversation, and Plan Development. The projected completion date of the National Development Plan is early 2016.

Phase 1: Diagnosis

A comprehensive analysis of the current state of The Bahamas that addresses the core areas of sustainable development, society, the environment and the economy.  

Phase 2: A National Conversation 

Engagement of all Bahamians through workshops, community and sector meetings, online surveys, the arts, and essay submissions. This phase also includes promotion of Vision2040 through a website and social media channels.  

Phase 3: Plan Development

Outcomes of the first two phases are shared with Bahamians. All information gathered is used in the drafting of the Plan. At the end of this phase, Vision 2040, the National Development Plan of The Bahamas will be complete. The implementation of the Plan will be closely monitored by all stakeholders.