The Pillars

Vision2040 will focus on four main policy pillars: The Economy, Governance, Social Policy and the Environment (Natural and Built).

The Economy

A strong and stable economy is essential to growth and development. The economy is where social policy,

governance and the environment interact to create value and prosperity. The National Development Plan will identify strategies that can make the Bahamian economy more resilient, create job opportunities for Bahamians and promote entrepreneurial activities and ownership.


In The Bahamas we celebrate our independence, and recognize that some of our greatest strengths are our democratic institutions. Through the National Development Plan, best practices will be highlighted to guide the governance of our institutions so we are a more efficient and modern nation. This is how we can ensure our democracy works to best serve the interests of all Bahamians.

Social Policy

In a small nation like The Bahamas, we must all work together to improve our society. The National Development Plan will outline the policies our country needs to improve the things our citizens’ value most, like public safety, healthcare, education and social services. Through strong social policy we can better develop into a more vibrant nation and ensure each and every Bahamian is a productive and contributing member of society.

Environment (Natural and Built)

The environment in which we live influences every aspect of our lives. In The Bahamas, we value our sun, sand and sea and other natural assets, while also seeking to invest in strategic infrastructure projects that help build our nation. The Plan will illustrate ways in which we can enhance our beautiful natural environment while maximizing the value of built infrastructure.